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Bunny Colby and Harlowe Blue are going through that angsty period of life. You know the one where girls act out because of all the pressure in their lives? The hormones are flowing, every guy in the world is trying to get into their pants, and school is weighing down on them. So naturally, they are going to get themselves into trouble every now and then. But can you really blame them for wanting to let loose a little? The only problem is that they were not slick enough this time. They get caught shoplifting with their badass little friend Serena, and their dads are pissed as hell. Bunny and Harlowe are not sure how their pops are going to punish them, but they hope they will not be grounded for life! When they all get together for a disciplinary meeting, the girls are prepared for some serious scolding, but they are not prepared to find their friend Serena tied up and naked in the middle of the living room! The girls think their dads are overreacting and they do not want their friend to take all the blame. To satisfy their pissed off pops, they swap dads and break out their juicy, young pussies for the guys to fuck. The girls lay side by side on the couch while they get boned by each others dads, all while Serena remains tied up and gagged. After some hard cunt pounding and cocksucking, these girls think they have pleased each others pops enough to make them completely forget about the whole thing. In fact, they are kind of glad it happened because they got the chance to have some sizzling hot group sex while their banging best friend Serena watched! Sometimes a punishment can turn out to be way better than expected, and this is definitely one of those special cases.

Description: Gay free josman cartoon. Green denise gay. Gay grandpas pictures.

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